Eco Lodges Clophill

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Nicolas Tye Architects were appointed to design a set of ECO Huts as well as managing the restoration of St Mary’s Old Church in conjunction with the Clophill Heritage Trust, Central Bedfordshire Council and the National Lottery.
Photography credit: Barry Halton & Katie Wilson
These huts provide overnight accommodation for walkers and visitors, of which are situated close by to the Church. The eco-lodges are simple larch timber clad pods with low roofs to blend into the landscape as to not detract from the church opposite. The low natacure of the buildings allows the canopies of the trees to stay visually uninterrupted while the timber cladding will aid in blending the buildings into the natural landscape which surrounds the site. Large frameless glazed panels have been used on each of the lodges which provide magnificent views and high levels of natural light. One of the units is also designed to provide disabled wheelchair users to use one of the units. The site also services free with having its own borehole water, solar panels and reed bed sewage system providing a completely off-grid sustainable solution.